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Thunder Monkeys Exacta


5000.00 FUN POINTS








Watch one of the oldest competitions in the world, when the Thunder God was watching over Earth and was entertained by monkey races. The competition involves 6 monkeys, each of them fighting their way to the top of the world. The race begins above a lake pond and unfolds the journey of these brave warriors through mountains and clouds before reaching the top of the world where the Thunder God rests.


Select the coin value, by clicking on a chip on the top of the screen.
Then place your bets on your favorite monkeys.
If you select the X chip and you click on a bet area, then the clicked bet area will have the bet value set to 0.00 CREDITS.

Combined bets are available (if you want to place a combined bet that monkey1 will finish 2nd and monkey3 will finish 1st , then you must place bet on row3, column1 ). The row determines the 1st place, while the column the 2nd place, from combined bets areas. After finishing placing your bets, you can go and watch the race.

EXACTA - In this game mode, you will have to guess the podium in the exact order of selection. If you bet on 3-5 and the podium is 3-5-x you win, but if the podium is 5-3-x, you lose.

Podium bets are available by clicking on the SWITCH BET SCREEN button, located on left of the screen. In the podium bets screen, you can bet on which monkey will finish on place1, place2, place3
If you click again on the SWITCH BET SCREEN button, you will be taken back to the Combined bets screen.

In order to start a race, at least 1 bet must be placed on any bet area (for example you can place just a bet on combined bet 2-4)

The Jackpot is distributed randomly to any player participating in the game. The bigger the total bet, the higher the chances to win the jackpot.

If a multiplier was found during the race, then all the wins of the player will be multiplied by that amount.


REPEAT BETS - if you click on this button, then the last validated bets (bets are considered validated if a race was started with those bets) will be placed once again on all the bet areas, including combined bets areas and podium bets areas.

BET ALL - if you click on this button, then a bet equal to the value of the selected chip will be placed on all the visible bet areas. If you are in the Combined Bets screen, then no bets will be placed on the Podium bet screen. If you are in the Podium bet screen, then no bets will be placed on the Combined Bets screen

CLEAR BETS - if you click on this button, then all the bets will be set to 0.00 CREDITS, including the bets from Combined Bets screen and Podium bet screen

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  • mell**** 20215.00€
  • brok**** 19120.00€