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IMPORTANT: No real money wagering (or cryptocurrency wagering) is involved on this website. Everything is for demonstrative purposes. By using any of the existing deposit methods, you agree that you will not be able to make any withdrawals (your withdrawals will not be approved and they will not be sent). For more information, please contact

Terms and Conditions

The listed rules are obligatory to be followed by all users registered in the casino.

By registering with our casino you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Players of the casino must be at least 18 years of age.

In order to register and participate in the activities and games of the casino the player must be a resident of a jurisdiction where such participation is legal and not prohibited. Participation at the casino is the player's sole option and risk, and he is solely responsible for violation the rules of the jurisdiction in which he live (gambling or wager may be illegal in the jurisdiction of player's residing).

The player is only permitted to enter the casino for his own personal entertainment and non-professional use. Any other use of the casino is strictly prohibited.

The player acknowledges that participation in any game is his sole option and risk.

The player acknowledges that game results are based on the random events modulated by our random number generator.

The player acknowledges that he should keep his password secret and not reveal it to the third party. The player has a right to change his password from time to time in order to keep the security of his account in the online casino. In case of the password loss or disclosure, the player must immediately notify the Administration of the casino about that fact, and change the password.

Any actions made using the player's login and password are considered to be done by the player himself. The player has no right to claim a cancellation of his financial transactions if these transactions were made using his login and password.

The player has no right to allow any third person or third party including, without limitation, any minor to play any casino games using his login and password.

The player is permitted to have only one account. It is not allowed to register and/or play using more than one account. Any exceptions are only possible by the Administration permission and according to its conditions.

The Casino reserves the right to publish the player's login in the lists of game participants, lists of winners, news or any other casino announcements.

The player must present the true personal data while registering in the casino and update them if they will change.

The Casino reserves the right to inform the player via e-mail, phone or by other means about the casino news, advertising campaigns and proposals of the casino partners.

Player's personal information that was used to register at the casino will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed or passed to the third party without player's consent except for the specific situations stipulated by these Terms.

Player's personal data may be disclosed in case of an official fraud investigation including fraud in payment systems.

The Casino reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to stop temporarily or forever, the player's account transactions in case of any suspicion of the player in fraud or other criminal activity, and even to close the account of that player without notice or explanation.

In case that the Casino initiates the closing of the player's account, any balance in the account will be refunded to the player except for the specific situations stipulated by these Terms.

The player is strictly prohibited to use any electronic, mechanical or other devices as well as any software to automate the decision making and/or game process. If it is detected that the player has violated this term, action may and will be taken including banning the player from the play, confiscating the winnings obtained by this manner and deleting form the list of future promotions and bonus programs. It is forbidden to play using anonymous proxy server and/or other technical devices hindering to detect the ip-address and substituting the technical information transferred by Internet protocols.

If a player is found to be using the playing means and methods which are prohibited by this Agreement; and/or using any technical device to influence the casino hardware and/or software; and/or using the found software bugs to defeat the casino (and/or to increase his casino account balance), the casino reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to void any winnings obtained in this way.

The Casino reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to offer and advertise from time to time promotions, bonuses or other special offers, and without prior notice, to continue or to cancel these offers at any time and reason without any explanations.

The Casino reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse a player to participate in any advertising event or bonus program without any explanations. The player violating the rules of advertising or bonus program can be deprived of his right to continue.

The Casino shall in no event be responsible or liable for any damages, loss or expense arising from or in connection with your access or use of the casino. Further, the casino fully disclaims any and all warranties and responsibilities in respect of: (a) force majeur, (b) any interference or damage to your device or data contained within, as a result of external malicious impacts on casino hardware, software, service and telecommunication providers; (c) delays, loss and errors arising from temporal fail and/or failure telecommunicational or other data transmission systems maintaining by the casino, or/and player, or/and service provider; (d) as a result of government activity including enactment, revocation or modification of the laws, issuing or canceling the licenses. The casino does its best to warn and prevent and such kind of damages or minimize the cost if such damage will occur.

The player is not eligible to claim from the casino, its partners, officers, employees and agents any damage reparation, compensation of any loss or expense relating to, or arising from: (a) his access to the casino site and/or server; (b) use of any information presented on the casino site; (c) playing; (d) getting winnings or prize.

Employees of the Casino and members of their families are not eligible to play in the casino.

In case of any controversial points, the decision making by the casino administration shall be final and incontestable.

The player will be solely responsible for payment all taxes and obligatory payments relating to the getting prizes or winnings in accordance to the jurisdiction in which he live.

All the transactions will be monitored and recorded.

Dealing with incomplete gameplays
An incomplete gameplay represents a gameplay that was started by the player and for which no outcome has been decided (win or loss).
Each game from Our site will describe in its rules how it will deal with any incomplete gameplays. If no such information is described in the rules of a game, the player is entitled to a refund for any incomplete gameplays that he could not resume. An incomplete gameplay will be marked as 'GAMEPLAY INCOMPLETE' in the Gameplay history page.

If the player cannot resume a gameplay for more than 3 days, then the gameplay will be the subject of a refund.

If wagers have been placed on real-life events that have been disabled, then all bets on such events will be refunded.

Account verification
Players that are newly registered to the casino have the obligation to contact the support team and submit a copy of and ID card, so that their identity can be verified. Players will not be able to perform any withdrawals until this verification is made. Players that fail to submit the requested documents, in 30 days, will be excluded from the gaming activity permanently.

Inactive accounts
An account is considered to be inactive if the player has not logged into the account for more than 365 days. Inactive accounts will be reminded to login to their account to claim their funds.

Account exclusions
The player can be excluded from the gaming activity by the system, if the player will not respect the Terms and Conditions. The reason for the exclusion will be communicated via email.

Account self-imposed exclusions
The player can temporarily limit himself from gambling activity on the website, through the use of the 'RGC Options' features, available in the 'My account' panel. The duration of these limits can be any from 1 to 365 days.
Players may cancel their self-imposed exclusions by contacting the support team and providing the reasons of their limitation request from the past and also the reason for wanting to cancel the self-limitation request.

Server time
All the records of any data related to any activity performed on this website will be logged in UTC time format.

Browser compatibility and gaming experience
In order to enjoy the best gaming experience, we recommend to all players to use the latest version available of one of the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Edge, Opera.

System imposed limits
The current limit for daily wagering amount is set to: 25000000€
The current limit for daily loss amount is set to: 50000000€
When an user would reach this limit, his gaming session will be disabled until the end of the day.

Bonuses (Promotions)
Players that receive an instant bonus through the system will be instantly notified of this action through an on-screen message or email.
Usually, any instant bonus comes with a rollover requirement. This is specified in the details of the bonus code and also inside 'My account' panel -> Finances -> Instant Bonuses .
The rollover requirement represents the total amount of credits that the player must wager in order to clear the restrictions caused by this bonus.
Active bonuses that have rollover requirement will deny the player from making any withdrawals until the rollover requirement is cleared.

Artificial freespins
Freespins granted as a result of using a bonus code, a bonus promotion or granted by a casino staff are artificial freespins and may come with a rollover requirement or a win limitation. Winnings from Freespins that have rollover requirements will automatically be transferred as bonus money once all free spins have been played and the bonus money will be subject to a rollover requirement. Winnings from Freespins that have a win limitation cannot exceed the win limitation, regardless of the accumulative winnings amount displayed. Any excess amount will be forfeited.
When playing artificial Freespins that have a rollover requirement or a win limitation, the player cannot qualify for winning any of the available jackpots.
Casino management reserves the right to void any bonuses and/or winnings obtained by fraudulent behavior.
Casino management has the right to modify and change these rules at any time.

Accepting a bonus
Bonuses are added to the player account automatically. If the player receives a bonus with rollover requirement, he must confirm that he accepts the terms and conditions that come with the bonus. Until the player confirms this, he cannot play any games. Accepting the terms of a bonus can be done from the 'My account' panel -> Finances -> Instant Bonuses page. If the player does not agree to the terms of the bonus, he may cancel the bonus.
Once a bonus has been accepted and gameplays have been played, the bonus cannot be cancelled anymore.

Cancelling a bonus
The player can cancel the bonus from the 'My account' panel -> Finances -> Instant Bonuses -> Cancel bonus. Bonuses can be cancelled only before placing a bet that will contribute to the wagering requirement of that bonus.
Cancelling a bonus will result in the bonus amount being deducted from the player account.
Once a bonus has been accepted and gameplays have been played, the bonus cannot be cancelled anymore.

Rollover requirement contribution
Each bet that is placed inside a game (game that is compatible with the rollover requirement) will be assigned to the rollover requirement of the oldest active bonus from the player account. Once the rollover requirement of that bet is cleared, the assignment of the wagered amount will be towards the next oldest active bonus.
If the player account balance would become lesser than 1 credit or if the player account balance would become lesser than 1% of his last deposit bonus, then all the rollover requirements of the bonuses active in the player account will be cleared and the player can withdraw all the funds from his account.
The list of games that are not compatible with clearing the rollover requirement can be found inside 'My account' panel -> Finances -> Banned games

Requesting withdrawals
Players with active instant bonuses can only withdraw a total amount equal to their last deposit, if they received no bonus with the last deposit and if they did not receive a bonus after the last deposit and if no bets were placed after the last deposit.
Otherwise, if the player has one or more active instant bonuses, he must first clear the wagering requirement of those bonuses in order to be allowed to withdraw any amount of credits.

Players can open a dispute from the SUPPORT link located in the menu from the home page. The player must provide complete information about his request, after which a support staff will analyze his query and reply with a solution.

Terms and Conditions update
The Casino will notify the user via email about any modifications that have been made to the Terms and Conditions of the casino. Such amendments will be effective immediately upon being posted in this "Terms and Conditions" section of the Casino's Web site.